First Blog Ever

Hello! As the title indicates, this is my first blog ever . I am excited about it and I’m looking forward to creating a helpful blog.

I have recently been fighting the bane of Winter—a sinus infection! I did what I’ve been programmed to do and called my allergist (a wonderful guy who takes great care of me!). I took the prescribed round of antibiotics but still had my symptoms. They were no longer full force but remained annoying. I had some Essential Oils from Young Living so I thought I would experiment. I mixed some of the Thieves oil with some melted coconut oil and began a regimen of rubbing it on my feet before bed and after my morning shower. Voila!! My symptoms are now under control and I am breathing well!!

I am working on a blanket for my son-in-law, knit on circular needles with a yarn my daughter picked out because she liked the colors. As I began to get a pattern going, it became apparent that it was camouflage. Her son has finished Basic Training and AIT and is awaiting assignment so I guess she has developed a penchant for the military coloration!

My intention is to cover a little crafting, fiber arts, oils, and cooking (vegan, raw, and regular). I hope I can find something that piques your interest too!


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