The Miracle Morning

With apologies to Hal Elrod and Pat Petrini, I had a bit of a miracle morning! I slept in until 8:15 AM and loved it!! Their advice is to rise an hour before you usually do and have time for the SAVERS to start your day with a jolt.  I will have to come up with a set of actions for SNORERS. Maybe the first S could stand for Sleep, something that I try to put off as long as possible each night. I have no idea why I do that—I used to try to be in bed before midnight since that IS the witching hour. N might stand for No Light since the experts recommend that you have no light not even those little ones on the TV or cable box visible in your bedroom. O could be for Oils since I usually put either Thieves or Lavender on my feet to help me drop off to sleep. R might represent Resting because I heard that it is supposed to take about 5 minutes to fall asleep for the normal person (I am a brick when I hit the pillow, thanks, in large part, to the free hypnosis apps on my iPad mini which isn’t supposed to be in the bedroom either!). Letter E is Enjoyment of the crisp sheets and gently scented pillow cases. The second R is the rejuvenation from our good night’s sleep. And our final letter S is Solitude because, even though we might have a significant other snoring right  beside us, we all  have the ultimate singular experience in sleep.


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