IRS Nerves!!!

Oh, my Goodness!!! I have been stressing about this filing all week!!! It’s for my club or to be more specific—the county organization for my club. Last year the IRS wouldn’t even let me sign in for an account but this year I was successful with that. I didn’t want to be the treasurer but was elected by default because no one else wanted it either and I guess they were more vocal in their refusals. Money is not my fortĂ©. Every time I think that I might have a handle on it, I’m wrong. I tried doing our family taxes once. That’s why we have an accountant now for a minimal income family!

I have now filed my first e-postcard!! I feel successful even though my status is still “PENDING.” My club may be able to retain their tax-exempt status for another year.

IRS Nerves!!!

Come gather round, people, wherever you roam,

And accept that to IRS you are well known.

Your finance and taxes are all on record,

And you’d better hope that they all reach accord!!


With many apologies to Bob Dylan!!



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